Kiss My Keto MCT Oil Capsules

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  • GENTLE ON THE STOMACH AND EASY TO DIGEST. Maintain & balance your level of ketosis or use to jumpstart your Ketogenic Diet. Start with 1 softgel capsule and gradually increase dosage to servings size. Sourced from 100% coconuts. No palm oil, chemicals or artificial flavors - completely flavorless! Safe for everyday use, this oil is easily absorbed. Get the good fats your body needs with these potent low carbohydrate fractioned medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) supplement
  • TRAVEL WITH EASE WITH THE CONVENIENCE and PORTABILITY OF SOFT GEL MCT PILLS. Take caps with you through airport security on airplanes, in your car, or at the office! Our essential MCT fatty acid blend comes in cap form for easy consumption and digestion and supports a healthy lifestyle. No sugars, No carbs, High in fat. Suppress your appetite and control your cravings! Gluten free MCT oil supplements that are portable.
  • DROP MCT CAPSULES IN YOUR COFFEE TO MAKE THEM BULLETPROOF. Esssential For Keto and Paleo Dieters - Our pharmaceutical grade, non GMO brain octane is the ultimate bullet proof oil in pill form that is formulated for gut health to prevent hunger and kick-start your ketone levels. Quality, unrefined powerful MCT oil that is easily pairs well with ghee butter, smoothie mix, or during cooking. Great for pre exercise or post workout.
  • QUICKLY BOOST ENERGY, NATURALLY IMPROVE METAL FOCUS, MOOD & ENDURANCE & ENHANCE DIGESTION: MCT is high-grade, fast fuel for your brain and muscles without the caffeine jitters or the crash. Experience clean digestion without constipation and enhanced nutrient absorption with caprylic oil. The pure MCT coconut oil in tablet form will increase clarity and cognitive function, alleviate headaches, boost your immune system and maximize your energy levels throughout the day.
  • GET INTO KETOSIS, SKYROCKET METABOLISM & BURN FAT: Working all day? An athlete who loves intense sports and gym workouts? Stubborn belly fat & trying to detox & alter your lifestyle? Medium chain fatty acids balances and efficiently encourages natural metabolic functions and mental performance without the use of nootropics. Plan, train hard. and perform even better, feeling energized! If you are looking for ways to improve your way of life and even promote weight loss, then we've got you covered

Publisher: Kiss My Keto

Details: Trying to improve your diet and even lose some weight? Burn Fat & Skyrocket Energy Levels With Kiss My Keto MCT Oil Capsules. The perfect nutrition supplement to boost ketones now without the hassle of liquid or powder to upset your stomach. One of the greatest things about MCT oil capsules is taking it on the go. Add it to coffee, shakes, smoothies, salad dressings, cooking, stir fry, snack bars, and cookies! Our MCT oil is derived from only organic coconut oil, is odorless and unflavored and of course contains no palm oil! It blends seamlessly into beverages and food without altering their flavor!

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